Huntley: Better off than four years ago? Absolutely – not

This article is talking about what Obama has failed to have done in the White House and as his role as the leader of America. Right off the bat you can tell that Huntley is a very opinionated writer.

He goes on about the economy mainly and he describes the deficit and how Obama has doubled it. However, according to USA Today “

The Congressional Budget Office projected the 2012 fiscal year deficit, which just ended, at $1.09 trillion. In reality, the federal deficit has fallen slightly on Obama’s watch, but he fell far short of cutting it in half. The deficit fell 16% during the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, the Treasury Department said Oct. 16. The department said tax receipts rose as the economy grew, and spending to counter the effects of the recession and its aftermath declined” 

However he did have other facts that were true and his statistics were correct.


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