Hello, everyone!

Welcome to Sleepy Hedgehog Publications!  This blog will follow myself (Josh) and partner’s (Dana) travel to being “News Media Watchdogs.”  Dana and I are high school students working with the News Know-How Program and the News Literacy Project.

We were assigned to follow two opinion columnists from a local newspaper.  Living in Iowa, we chose to follow the Des Moines Register, however, being the challenge loving students that we are,  decided to take on even more responsibility by finding a national paper, The Chicago Tribune, and then putting it on a blog.

I am going to be flying out to Missoula, Montana, for a two weeks tomorrow and will not be able to blog.  However, Dana will be coming back from Lollapalooza in three days and should begin blogging and reading columns from columnists, posting about them here.  I will try to keep our Twitter (@SleepHedgehogs) up to date.

If you need to contact either Dana or Myself, please email us at joshanddanadocolumns@gmail.com.

Thank you, check back for more updates and follow us on Twitter!



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